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15 years in the making! We’re excited to release Gigpostercards: 50 Gigposter Postcards Spanning from 2003-2018. As many of you know, the ‘Poster Explosion’ of the early aughts was a special time. We thought it would be fun to commemorate that exciting and pivotal era for us by releasing 50 of our favorite posters in postcard form. Each postcard is 4.5” x 6” and comes in a custom box with embossed bellyband. The back of each postcard features details about the poster along with an area for an address and stamp.

I'm very excited to announce that IC has recently accepted the role of handling creative direction for our friends at the landmark Canlis restaurant in Seattle. We'll be working closely with them to oversee design-related projects throughout the year, specifically in regards to events and Canlis-related products. We're also very excited to work with a handful of talented artists in the Pacific Northwest to bring these projects to life as the months go on. First up? Shake Shack is coming to Seattle! To celebrate the arrival of their new location in South Lake Union, Canlis is throwing them a BBQ party in their (beautiful) parking lot this Saturday, June 23rd. I had the pleasure of creating this 5-color silk-screened poster commemorating the occasion and they will be on sale at the event. All proceeds benefit Queen Ann Food Bank! Side note: It’s going to be paaaaaacked, so ride-share or take the bus if you plan on cruising out. Hope to see you there!  

Soooooo excited to work on a poster for one of my all-time favorite childhood (and adulthood!) heroes: "Weird Al". 9-year-old me listening to Nature Trail To Hell on my Walkman while waiting for the school bus in 1984 has just passed out. This poster commemorates his show happening this Tuesday, May 29th at The Moore Theatre here in Seattle. See you there.