Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you guys hiring?

    Unfortunately not. We’re a small three-person studio and prefer to keep things simple. And apparently stressful.

  • Not even someone to take out the trash?

    We have elves for that.

  • Are you guys twins?

    Yes. We’re just four years apart.

  • My band is releasing our first album and we’re putting it out ourselves. Can you guys design it?

    Our workload normally doesn’t allow for that. Sorry.

  • I’ve got a project that you guys would be great for. It doesn’t pay, but it would be great exposure for you. What say ye?

    We say ye crazy.

  • Can you guys design a logo for my band?

    Are we already working on your album? If yes, then yes. If no, then no.

  • I have a list of questions for a report that I’m working on for school. Can you answer them?

    As much as we would really love to individually help students with questions, we just don’t have the time. If it helps, we’ve done many interviews that are accessible at

  • What is the best way to promote yourself as an artist?

    A happy client will always do the promotion for you by singing your name from the mountaintops. Also, the internet helps a lot.

  • I think someone ripped you off. Check it out. Yeah, pretty sure they did. Are you guys going to get a hammer and look for them?

    No, but you can.

  • What’s with all the toys and books?

    Don’t all artists collect this stuff? We thought it came with the job …

  • I ordered an item from your shop. When will that sucker arrive?

    We ship every Friday via USPS Priority Mail.

  • I ordered something from the shop and it arrived looking like hell. What can I do?

    Take a snap shot of the damaged goods and e-mail us. Upon receiving the image(s), we'll send you a new order right away.

  • Do you offer internships?

    Sorry, we don’t.

  • Is it possible to visit your studio?

    Due to the nature of our work schedule (and small space), it’s hard to accommodate visit requests.

  • Did you guys attend college?

    Is college the same as touring in bands? If yes, then yes.

  • What are your rates?

    We don’t really have rates. We bid projects that interest us on a case-by-case basis.

  • Illustration or graphic design?

    Aw, come on!

  • Where did you come up with the name ‘Invisible Creature’?

    We thought it was a nice mixture of anonymity and creativity.

  • What influences you guys?

    Don: 1940’s – 1970’s American modernism and ephemera, architecture, animation, furniture, children’s books, thrift stores, estate sales, toys, punk rock, record stores (RIP) and film. Ryan: Religious imagery, fashion, graffiti, 90’s music, skateboard culture, comics & tattoos.

  • I want to make my own poster/advertisement out of one of your designs. Is that okay?

    What would Jesus do?

  • Will you guys come speak at my school or event?

    Maybe. Shoot us an e-mail.

  • Any advice to young designers/illustrators starting out?

    Create the world you want to live in. Know your craft and deliver an honest, quality product. Art is vast, find your niche. And hire an accountant.

  • How much do you guys charge for shipping?

    We charge a flat rate of $7 in the US and $14 International.

  • What's your return policy?

    We're pretty flexible. Let us know what you'd like to do.