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Well, it's about time. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary as IC this month, our new site is finally here. After 8 months of working around the clock, the launch button has been pushed. 

I won't bore you with the details of what's new - essentially everything is. We spent a lot of time thinking about where we've been as artists (and as a studio), but most importantly - where we are going. Everything is much more integrated now and just plain easier to find - and of course, responsive to whatever device you are on.

Our new Shop is much more robust as well. You now have the option to order posters and prints framed (!), we've added new IC apparel, toys and art (with many more things coming) and we have a brand new Shop FAQ (finally). Overall, we're placing a higher importance on the shop and customer service.

The new site was designed by us and custom-built on Squarespace by Andy Clabaugh. The amazing photography throughout the site was also shot by Josh Harding.

A massive THANK YOU to both of these guys - we (seriously) couldn't have done it without your help. Also big thanks to Trickshot Films for the logo animation. 

We hope you guys enjoy / Don & Ryan

With a brand new website comes a brand new shop - and more specifically - new apparel. 7 new T-shirt designs (including one for the kiddos!) and 1 new comfy zip-up hoodie. Just in time for the holidays. Oh, and your grandpa wears a size large, just FYI.