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We wanted to capture the essence of IAMX in one very concise image. What is the essence of IAMX? It’s a melancholic place where glamour meets violence, creation meets devastation, and light meets dark. Being the lifelong IAMX fans that we are, we felt we knew exactly how to embody their unique sound and vision into this album package. What happened next was a lot of black spray paint and rhinestones.

What an honor it is to work with a legend such as Billy Idol. We were graciously given the keys to some fantastic photographic archives and landed on an iconic shot by David Michael Kennedy for the cover. This being a remix album, the goal was to create something that paid homage to the past while simultaneously grounding in the present. Billy’s new wave smash hits are reimagined here by some of electronic music's heaviest hitters. Dust off your dancing shoes.