‘Tis the season! We created a handy link of IC goodies to share with your secret santa, grandma, or even your Uncle Chet. These are just a few of our favorites that might make great gifts for that special someone. Every order comes with a FREE mini-print featuring art from our new book. Happy Holidays to you all!

We wanted to capture the essence of IAMX in one very concise image. What is the essence of IAMX? It’s a melancholic place where glamour meets violence, creation meets devastation, and light meets dark. Being the lifelong IAMX fans that we are, we felt we knew exactly how to embody their unique sound and vision into this album package. What happened next was a lot of black spray paint and rhinestones.

What an honor it is to work with a legend such as Billy Idol. We were graciously given the keys to some fantastic photographic archives and landed on an iconic shot by David Michael Kennedy for the cover. This being a remix album, the goal was to create something that paid homage to the past while simultaneously grounding in the present. Billy’s new wave smash hits are reimagined here by some of electronic music's heaviest hitters. Dust off your dancing shoes.

Grab your sleds, a hot cocoa, maybe some ice skates - our new book has arrived! All Is Merry And Bright is the Wintery fun follow-up to last year’s The World Shines For You. This is the second book in our SHINE BRIGHT series from Little Simon, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The size of this book (and the printing process) is pretty special - and if I do say so myself - it should really be experienced in person! Details: 24 pages / Dimensions: 9" x 10" with a 2" thick spine. Printing process: CMYK over 1/8" thick duplexed foil paper with embossing throughout. I had a blast working on this and I hope little ones (and older ones!) enjoy interacting with the embossed textures, extra-shiny foil and bright colors throughout. Special thanks to my fantastic creative director Chani Yammer. Signed copies (with a free print) are available in our store. Ships mid-November!

So, so excited to announce our new set of stamps with the United States Postal Service: Dragons! We were commissioned by Greg Breeding and the wonderful folks at Journey Group to imagine and illustrate 4 different versions of the world's most famous mythological beast. We had so much fun researching and exploring the vast world of dragons - and embraced the challenge of how they might look small and vertical on a stamp. Sold in sheets of 16 and on sale August 9th, but can be pre-ordered now!

What puts the "home" in your hometown? Distilling this into a single memory, place or feeling is certainly a challenge, but a challenge we were ready to take on. We'd like to present "Forevergreen: A Pop-Up Shop Celebrating Seattle & The Pacific Northwest". Our vision of the environment, industries, and culture that conspired to create this place we call home. From the minds of Oxford Pennant, Freeman and Invisible Creature, we bring you these slices of Seattle in ink and felt. As much an art show as it is a celebration of Seattle, these limited edition pennants and banners simultaneously capture both nostalgia for things past and imagination for whats to come. Opening reception: Saturday July 7,  5pm at Freeman. Come say hey! 

Hey! It's a breakdancing bigfoot Gift Card for our friends at Target! Art direction: Ted Halbur and Brian Holt. Fun little note: On the actual physical card, the boombox and glasses are printed on shiny metallic foil. 

I'm very excited to announce that IC has recently accepted the role of handling creative direction for our friends at the landmark Canlis restaurant in Seattle. We'll be working closely with them to oversee design-related projects throughout the year, specifically in regards to events and Canlis-related products. We're also very excited to work with a handful of talented artists in the Pacific Northwest to bring these projects to life as the months go on. First up? Shake Shack is coming to Seattle! To celebrate the arrival of their new location in South Lake Union, Canlis is throwing them a BBQ party in their (beautiful) parking lot this Saturday, June 23rd. I had the pleasure of creating this 5-color silk-screened poster commemorating the occasion and they will be on sale at the event. All proceeds benefit Queen Ann Food Bank! Side note: It’s going to be paaaaaacked, so ride-share or take the bus if you plan on cruising out. Hope to see you there!  


It's an Incredible summer! Last fall, I was absolutely beside myself when I was asked to create A Little Golden Book for my favorite film of all time: The Incredibles. Wonderfully written by John Sazaklis, I can honestly say that I've never had more fun drawing. And as an avid collector of Little Golden Books throughout the years, it just doesn't get much better than this. I owe it all to my friend Josh Holtsclaw at Pixar for thinking of me, along with the great Scott Tilley at Disney. I'd also like to thank Tracy Tyler and Megan McLaughlin at Random House for being so wonderful to work with. You can pre-order the signed book from us right now. Includes free printed goodies, dahlings! And see you at the theatre June 15th, right?!

Soooooo excited to work on a poster for one of my all-time favorite childhood (and adulthood!) heroes: "Weird Al". 9-year-old me listening to Nature Trail To Hell on my Walkman while waiting for the school bus in 1984 has just passed out. This poster commemorates his show happening this Tuesday, May 29th at The Moore Theatre here in Seattle. See you there.

2017 was another wonderful year at IC thanks to our beloved clients. At the end of each year, we always attempt to show our appreciation by creating something original just for them. This year we created a 'NOEL Bird' nesting box complete with wooden dove, blocks and tree. Designed by us and beautifully created by Curtis Clark, AKA Dad. Also special thanks to Prince Ink for their help with the lids. 

Last summer we had a blast creating a gang of city-strolling-book-reading creatures for Warby Parker's newest Seattle location on Capitol Hill, which just opened last month. We've been fans of Warby Parker's business model, their dedication to the arts and quality design for awhile, so this was a special project for us. Big high fives to Matt Singer for asking us to work on this. The store is beautiful, check it out in person if you can!