Here's a fun project we recently wrapped with the fine folks at Creature and JanSport. Catch the bus to see The Cave Singers - performing at an undisclosed location. A quick synopsis of the event:

'This summer, JanSport presents the first installment of the Bonfire Sessions, a free concert series celebrating the epic memories that can only be made outdoors. Here’s how it works. The hidden location of the concert is kept secret until the day of the show. All August long, check in here at Unzipped , as well as Facebook and Twitter , to get clues about the band and where to hitch a ride on the 28th. We’re taking a mere two busloads of people, so you’ll want to stay on top of the bus stop spot. And get your best lining-up/dancing shoes on.'

The poster was designed in 2 sizes: 24" x 36" and 18" x 24". 8 colors, screen-printed.