I first met Nate Wragg shortly after I stumbled upon his brilliant work for the film Ratatouille. Namely the 'Your Friend The Rat' short and his great books that were inspired by the film. Many of you are familiar with his fun illustrations and epic character work for Pixar and now DreamWorks. We began chatting as we seemed to share an obvious affinity for all kinds of misc. critters. Namely Sasquatch and the elusive Yeti. It was only natural that a trade was in order.

It took me weeks to nail down an idea, but decided that a 'biker Yeti' may be a funny prospect. I quickly started sketching and 'Freddy Mushyeti' was born. He may look a bit menacing, but I guarantee he's harmless. As for the rest of the 'Mushyeti's' crew, I can't exactly say the same.

Nate had the idea that we'd just surprise each other with the Yeti's and ship off the framed pieces without a clue as to what we'd be receiving. It was a great idea and I can't tell you how cool it was to unwrap. I think I may have even injured the UPS man as I ripped it out of his hands. I absolutely love it.

Next year: Swap Of The Sasquatch.

Nate's Yeti: 'A Break from the Snow' / 10" x 16" / Acrylic & Paper Collage / 2010 My Yeti: 'Freddy Mushyeti' / 17" x 23" / Digital / 2010