Spring has hit Seattle (well, a little) so we thought it'd be a good time to update you on what's happening in IC world ... and of course shamelessly plug ourselves all at the same time. We're having a ton of fun at the shop lately, so why not share in the joy a little bit?

The Takeover interview - Short and sweet.

RBTL podcast - This was a lot of fun to do, but maybe I shouldn't have had so much coffee before recording.

IC on Twitter - Sign up! Updated regularly with IC happenings and random pretentious garbage no one needs to know about. Oh, and this may soon take the place of '5 Things We're Digging'. I wish it wasn't so addictive, but it is.

Sasquatch! Festival - It's coming up hot. Thankfully, we have a new set of limited edition screen-printed posters available to help celebrate its arrival. Coming soon.

Coalesce 'OX' - This project was a blast in many ways, but I had no clue the band would want to feature the art on so many stinking cool pieces of merchandise. Icing on the cake. Limited edition (signed) art prints, a flask (with super cool box), quality hoodies and shirts, etc. Take that, Fugazi.

Having fun with new projects from Nike, Target, Wired, Devildriver, August Burns Red, Coalesce, The Not-It's, KEXP, Brother Ali + Rhymesayers, etc. We'll be showcasing these new projects (and much more) on our new website and store towards the end of August. Very excited to be working with the masterminds at Gridplane & Instrument.

There is much more to talk about, but not enough time to do so. Thanks to everyone who has made the IC blog a part of their daily RSS feeds. 6,500 and counting!

Oh, and special thanks to Cale Glendening for the above photo.