We look back to tradition, to an artifact that people have used to rally around triumphs and victories: the felt pennant. Crafted by folks who've helped shape the tradition since the early 1900s, our pennants are hand-printed and hand-sewn in the U.S.A. Collect the pennants, and show some team spirit for the small things in life. - The People's Pennant

These guys are doing some pretty cool things. Not only are they resurrecting the art and craft of the felt pennant (and aiming at a new audience), they are also causing us to fondly remember those days of hitting the ballpark with dad and picking out that perfect pennant to hang alongside our poster of this guy.

Inspired by Grandpa and his life at NASA, our goal with Blast Off! was to capture that fun and youthful spirit for all ages. Thanks to Tim, Jessica and Eric for asking us. And needless to say, we're honored to be featured alongside some pretty talented peeps.

Pre-Order and read about the inspiration for Blast Off! Use the code "Creature" and receive 25% off during the first week! And yes, we definitely had a few of these.

See how it's done below: