DrilOne x Invisible Creature presents Leroy 'The Destroyer' Box Set!

Leroy 'The Destroyer' Box Set will be available online in the IC shop and at San Diego Comic Con Dragatomi Booth #4935. 12 sets were made and 10 will be sold.

DrilOne x Invisible Creature Leroy 'The Destroyer' Box Set includes:

1 - Invisible Creature Leroy C. customized by DrilOne 1 - 11"x14" print by Invisible Creature, numbered and signed 2 - Leroy 'The Destroyer' Vinyl Stickers 1 - Leroy 'The Destroyer' 1" Button 1 - Set of dogtags that are numbered to match the box, Leroy, and print

Price: $250

Release times:

Friday 07.06.12 / 1PM PST - 4 will be available in the IC shop Thursday 07.12.12 / 2PM PST - at DrilOne's signing SDCC booth #4935

If there are any left, they will be available here:

Saturday 07.14.12 / 11AM PST - at DrilOne's signing SDCC booth #4935 Sunday 07.15.12 / 1PM PST - online in the IC shop