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Well, it's about time. No more Flash. And we're pretty happy about that. Besides the obvious luxury of browsing our site on any platform, we've added quite a few new bells and whistles.

Here are the notable additions:

Gift Certificates! Now you can purchase Gift Certificates in increments of $5 (up to $100) for that special someone ...

• Discount Codes! We'll be wheeling and dealing discounts in the shop from time to time, but we've got extra special plans for Lil' Happy Club participants. Stay tuned.

• New Blog! You'll notice the right sidebar has been given a facelift. Featuring new shop items, new work and coming soon: Flickr sets of our library, toy shelf and annual Lil' Happy Club submissions. All for the kids.

FAQ! We tried to tackle the standard questions we receive on a daily basis, but I'm sure we'll be adding more in the near future (ie. Q: "Which one of you would win in a cagefight?", A: The cage)

Anyways, have a look around. We've buffed out the scratches and shined up the fenders for you. Enjoy.

Huge thanks to J.D., Phong, Kim and everyone over at the mighty Instrument for their skills.

Just a reminder that Poster Cabaret carries a handful of our posters and limited prints, including many that we're sold out of. They also have a few pieces left from the 2009 Sasquatch! Festival, including the limited edition black/metallic gold/glo-in-the-dark character series (we're also sold out of these). We'll be announcing some limited exclusive prints and color variants available only through Poster Cabaret very soon.

Sorry we're a little late on this info. With the new site launch, we lost a little time preparing for the holiday shipping rush. For U.S. residents, our cut-off day for ordering will be Monday, December 21st. For international orders, you might want to place your order now. We definitely can't guarantee it will arrive by Christmas, but we will try. Our next shipping day is this Tuesday, December 15th. Thank you for your support and patience! Happy Holidays!

Oh - and we'll be including a FREE IC button set with each order through the new year!

After 3+ years and countless new projects, we felt like it was time to give our site a makeover. And just like on Oprah, some things remain the same but many were given a significant upgrade. As you take a stroll around, you'll see what we mean. One of the big changes is that the work, shop and blog are all contained in one nice little package for your viewing needs. Another is that you get to see our work much quicker, with access points all over the homepage. We have gotten a few comments from peeps that were hoping for an html iPhone-friendly version. After much consideration on our part, we felt like the vast majority of our demographic would NOT be viewing it on a mobile device. However, that version may be something to consider if the demand is there. We aren't David Lynch, but the work just looks better on an actual computer.

Many, many thanks to JD at Gridplane and Instrument for making this happen. Oh, and please e-mail us if you encounter any glitches as we are still attempting to sort all of that out.

We're extremely honored to be part of Grain Edit's Holiday Giveway Bash! featuring incredible art and collectibles from peers, friends and heroes. We're donating two 16" x 16" Giclee prints as well as our new Winter Fishing Hole! Gift Card from Target loaded with $25 to buy your uncle that Die Hard DVD he's been wanting or the ear muffs your dog has been hinting at. If we could enter, we would! Winners announced December 18th.

I gotta be honest, apparently I've been living under a gigantic rock and hadn't heard of the awesome NOTCOT until today when they posted a really cool write-up titled Art Of The Gift Card showcasing some of the new holiday Gift Cards at Target. They even went above and beyond and devoted a special something to our 'Winter Fishing Hole' Gift Card/Game. We've actually been getting reports that they are selling out at stores (that's a good thing, right?) but you can find them online through 12/31.

Oh, and yes I'm multi-tasking by kicking myself while adding the NOTCOT RSS feed to my daily visits.