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Here's 4 new (ish) books that we've been featured in recently: 1000 Indie Posters by John Foster (out in January), The Graphic Design Exercise Book by Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser, Typo Lyrics by Slanted and 1000 Supreme CD Designs by PageOne (This one actually came out in '08 but we spaced on it). Now you know what to get your favorite uncle for the holidays.

We're excited to be interviewed next week on the Read Between The Leading podcast. Today they asked us if we'd like to accept questions from our blog and Twitter followers, so we kindly said yes and thank you. Please drop us a comment here or a reply on Twitter and (hopefully) we'll get to as many as possible. Before you start asking questions, we'll get the big one out of the way: Yes, but only once.

It seems as if House Industries is making a film about Ed Rondthaler.

From the House blog: 'We had the privilege to spend a day filming Ed Rondthaler, living legend, founder of Photo-Lettering, Inc., former president of the American Literacy Council and author of The Dictionary of Simplified American Spelling'.

See the amazing trailer here.