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As we enter into our seventh year here at IC, we've decided to give our iconic mummy mark an upgrade.

The reenvisioning of our logomark is something we have been considering for some time. With a consciousness for particularly small uses (social media icons, products, packaging, clothing tags, etc.) we sought out for a bold, timeless mark that stands strong in every possible scenario. With a handful of new projects/products on the horizon, we decided that now is the time.

The original mark I created in 2006 was inspired by skateboard graphics and other pop art from our coming of age. Although it feels somewhat classic in its own right, the detailed style has proved to be limiting over the years.

Our goal was to create a simpler, more streamlined version of our classic "cyclops mummy," keeping its overall concept (and hopefully its recognizability) in tact, but modernized and with a broader range of usability.

We explored a variety of shapes for the head itself - a perfect circle, a rectangle with rounded corners, etc. In the end, it was imperative that it truly convey a head shape, so we landed on what we refer to as the "egg."

Aside from the logo's core theme, we also knew we'd be sticking with our classic color scheme. It feels as integral to our brand as the mark itself, and allows us to maintain our focus. Another benefit of this new mark is our ability to explore varying combinations of these colors depending on its use. The solid white or yellow wrap will be the primary marks, while the shaded versions - with white highlights on the yellow wrap, and yellow lowlights on the white wrap, give us more detailed options as well.

A minor but important detail was the small piece of wrap peeking around the backside of the mummy head. It's a subtle inclusion, but it truly helps the read. It was necessary that this piece be included, but without jeopardizing the true center of the new mark.

You'll also notice the inclusion of an ® mark. With the recent registration of our brand name and identity, it's time to make it official.

And of course, we celebrate this momentous occasion with some swag. New T-Shirts are available for pre-order (shipping mid-late September) as well as new silk-screened die-cut stickers.

To commemorate Demon Hunter's ten years, we've created a silkscreen poster featuring imagery from all six studio albums. This is a limited pressing of 100, signed by Ryan Clark (me), and is available in the store now. Order by December 20th for holiday arrival! (orders for this poster do NOT include IC Holiday Giveaway print)

As we celebrate IC's 6 year anniversary, we are thankful for 2012 (our bestest year yet!) and the amazing projects we've had the pleasure of working on. So we thought we'd spread the joy a little by creating "The Lookout", a sequel (of sorts) to 2010's Snowballer print. With every purchase over $25, we'll be sending out a signed 11" x 14" giclee print until December 20th, which also happens to be our last day of shipping before Christmas.

Special note - International orders: Due to shipping costs, we are only able to send "The Lookout" with poster and print orders. Offer doesn't apply to T-shirt or toy orders. Sorry!

We'll have the set of 2 available to purchase after the holidays. Go in peace!

Back To School? Naw, forget that. It's an endless summer. Soft inks printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend T's. Ships on or before September 18th. Grab them all here.

Spirit Of '77 printed on Tri-Indigo Blue.

Mummy Jr. printed on Tri-Black.

Leroy's Boy printed on Athletic Gray.

Respect printed on Tri-Black.

Mummy Classic printed on Tri-Coffee.

Live To Draw printed on Tri-Black.

Mummy Jr. (Kids Sizes!) printed on Tri-Black.

Scratch & dent. Overstock. Printing errors. Old posters. We got 'em and we need to get rid of 'em. For the remainder of the summer (or until we run out of stock) we'll be stuffing tubes full of posters and prints for a measly $10. Unfortunately we can't list which posters and prints we'll be including in the sale as we just have so many to choose from. Most have slight blemishes or some sort of minor printing error, while others have just been sitting on the shelves for awhile.

The risk? You may just hate every band listed on the posters your receive. The payoff? Your walls aren't that picky. Act now!

We recently completed posters for 2 events serendipitously taking place on the same night (January 22nd), albeit across the nation from one another. Aziz Ansari will be knocking the socks off of a presumably packed house at Carnegie Hall, while I'll be here in Seattle, in awe of White Lies and all of their glory. The Aziz poster is 5 colors, and White Lies is 2 colors, both of which feature metallic silver ink. In the store now!

It's been another fantastic year at IC, so we thought we'd share the love a bit. With any purchase over $30 until December 21st, you'll receive our new 11" x 14" Giclee print 'Snowballer'. Inspired by our recent snowmageddon experience here in Seattle, we thought it would be pretty neat to have a large orange pachyderm friend on our side in case that looming snowball fight with the bratty neighborhood kids does indeed happen. Tell your friends.

The sun is shining in Seattle and it appears that spring has come a bit early (if you're local, you're just as thankful as us). We also happen to have a ton of posters sitting in flat files that we'd like to send to you kind people. So, it occured to us that this would be a perfect time to slash prices (most posters $8-$10) and make room for some new art. We've been making posters for 8 years now and decided to put many in the 'blowout bin' until they are gone. Grab them now as this sale will only last a few weeks.