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Heyo! It's hot and you need T-Shirts! All adult and kids sizes of last year's T's are on sale for $15. We don't have a ton left, so grab them while you can (and help us make room for the new IC wearables coming soon). Tell the world!

Back To School? Naw, forget that. It's an endless summer. Soft inks printed on American Apparel Tri-Blend T's. Ships on or before September 18th. Grab them all here.

Spirit Of '77 printed on Tri-Indigo Blue.

Mummy Jr. printed on Tri-Black.

Leroy's Boy printed on Athletic Gray.

Respect printed on Tri-Black.

Mummy Classic printed on Tri-Coffee.

Live To Draw printed on Tri-Black.

Mummy Jr. (Kids Sizes!) printed on Tri-Black.

Grain Edit (Dave Cuzner and crew) have been very generous to us over the years - responsible for putting our work in front of many fresh faces. So when they asked if we'd like to create GE's first ever T-shirt design, we quickly obliged. As many of you know, Dave has quite the book collection (we've been known to collect a few over here as well), so the idea of a few critters lending an ear to a story about our favorite blog seemed quite fitting. And with today's announcement from The Times, the story seems that much sweeter.

When Nonsek asked us if we'd like to open an IC artist channel, we took a gander at their current roster and quickly said "mmmmkay". If you haven't played around with their super-cool custom T-shirt remix madness, do yourself a favor and check it out. Infinite options! And now you can choose shirt colors and even lock layers that you dig.

You know what I'm thinking? This could make a REALLY great gift. Just sayin' ...