1) Michael Kenna - I don't know if environmental photography can get any better.

2) Drew Millward - Really digging this guy's work. Great illustrations and very twisted concepts.

3) IAMX "Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction" - IAMX are one of my favorite bands, and this new material is among some of their very best. If you've never heard the band, do yourself a favor and check them out immediately. Album out May 19th.

4) Yes Man - I missed this movie while it was in theaters, but I ordered it through OnDemand the other night and loved it. Classic comedic Jim Carrey. The DVD is available now.

5) Loretta Lux - I've had this photographer's website bookmarked for some time now, and every time I visit, I'm floored by the beauty of the images. I can't tell how much is raw photo, and how much is manipulated in post. I really have no idea how she does it.